Giving Back…Our Foster Dogs

Here at Mr. Tees we like to give back a little bit every now and then. One way we do that is by fostering dogs! We work with a local rescue group, Dog Networking Agents. They find homes for dogs that come from a variety of situations. Some are strays others are owner surrenders. Either way they need a new home and a family of their own. We’ve had 3 fosters find homes since February!

Here is our first foster Stella! She is such a sweet baby. She came into the shelter as a stray. No one knew her story but they knew she was too sweet to leave there by herself. Being a pitty mix AND heart worm positive made her chances of adoption slim. So we agreed to take her as our first foster. We gave her all of her treatments and taught her manners. We showed her love and watched her little personality come to life. After several months of looking for just the right family for her she hit the jackpot and went to her furever home.

She found a great family!!









Here is Lil Miss Fancy Pants! Okay, her name really isn’t Lil’ Miss Fancy Pants. It’s just Fancy, but she was so sassy she deserved the full name! She came into the shelter as an owner surrender. She was terrified and didn’t understand what was going on. So we decided to foster her. It didn’t take long for this lovely senior pup (she is 10 years old!) to find a momma that just loves her to pieces.









Our third foster is Fantastic Mr. Jack, or as I like to call him Jumpin’ Jack Flash. We got him by accident. He just need a place to stay while his original foster mom had to go out of town. At not quite a year old he’s was still a puppy. He bonded with our grand pup so now he’s kinda a foster failure since he’s staying in the family with his new BFF.









There are so many more success stories! Check out the pics below!!