Screen printing pricing can be a bit complex. There are a lot of factors that go into screen printing that determine the pricing.

  • The total number of shirts you are getting
    • There are several different price breaks and a minimum of 12 per order
  • The number of print locations
    • Front and back
    • One side only
    • Sleeve print
  • The number of colors being printed in each location
    • Any print color other than black, white or navy may require an under base adding a print color
    • Some shirt color/ink color combinations require an under base adding a print color (think of it like a primer on a wall so the underneath color doesn’t bleed through to the color being put on top)
  • The garment brand, style and color
    • Our standard shirt is a Gildan Heavy Cotton tee. It comes in a lot of sizes and colors including youth, ladies, long sleeve, hoodies, sweatshirts, etc.
    • We can get other brands and styles. See our catalog link to see some of what we can get. In order to price those we will need to know specific brand and style.

Because of all of these mitigating factors we will need you to contact us in order to get pricing. You can give us a call at 706-364-6789 or email and we can get you a quote on your project!!