What Time Will My Order Be Done?

We get this question a lot. And the answer isn’t always a specific time. Let me explain.

When you place your order, we can often give you a general day, or even a specific day that it will be done, but we really can’t give a specific time. The reason for that is there are a lot of different things that can affect the timing of your order being done and ready to pick up.

Machinery doesn’t always cooperate. Sometimes things break, chemicals breakdown, or there’s simple human error. 

For screen printing artwork has to be done and approved. Blank shirts need to be ordered. Films and screens need to be created for each color being used in your art and for each location. If there are any errors in any of these things delays can happen.

Once we get the blank shirts here and counted, Sean has to set up the print and each location has to be set up separately. The screens that were created need to be lined up exactly so everything looks good on the final product. The more colors being used, the more time it takes to set up. If there were any errors in the film making process this is where it is usually noticed and new screens need to be created.

Embroidery can have it’s own set of issues, but many are similar to screen printing. Sometimes there are technical difficulties with the machine, needle and thread breaks to contend with and sometimes there’s human error involved. It can also take awhile for the machine to simply sew the final product. The more stitches in the art the longer it can take.

We do everything we can to lessen the issues that can arise, but sometimes there are circumstances beyond our control that can contribute to what time your order will be completed. Have faith though, we haven’t missed a deadline yet!!


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