The Shop

Sometimes people wonder what it’s like out in the shop. The first thing I tell them it’s hot, very hot sometimes in mid-July. And with the humidity it only gets hotter! This pic was taken on a day that it was about 85 outside. With all the equipment running the temp gets up there. In the winter it can be quite cold without the equipment running warming things up for us. Spring and fall aren’t too bad!!





After we talk about the temp I get to tell them about some of the cool stuff we do and the equipment we get to play with all the time. We have an M&R 8 color, 10 station automatic press and a 4 color, 4 station manual press.







We also have an M&R Boomrang gas dryer that takes up a lot of room out in the shop!








We also have embroidery equipment, a vinyl cutter and a heat press, not to mention all the equipment that is needed in order to get to the printing part!

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