How Long Does Artwork Take?

Good question!! And as with so many things it is never a simple answer. 

The time it takes to create custom art varies greatly and depends on several different things.

  • Do you already have a concept or idea?
  • Is your concept a very general one? Or is it very detailed?
  • Do you already have something done on the computer?
  • Or do we need to create the art from scratch?

It’s okay if you don’t have a very detailed concept or idea. We do, however, need somewhere to start. We are perfectly fine with stick figures drawn on a napkin if that is all you have!! The more detailed the concept, the better. We can help you work through a general concept so you get what you are wanting.

If we are creating something from scratch and it is a simple concept we can usually get the art done in an hour or two. The more complex the design, the longer it takes. And the more changes we need to make the longer it takes. This is why narrowing down your idea is important.

If you already have art that you’ve used for business cards or on your website it may not be in vector format and changes may need to be made to make it something that can be screen printed and/or embroidered. Full color works great on a computer but it doesn’t translate well to screen printing or embroidery. All this means is adjustments may need to be made to simplify your art and that can take some time as well.

For logos already created we would need to get the vector art from you. If you do not have vector art, we would need to recreate the logo as vector art so it will be suitable for the screen printing process. Again, the more complex the existing art the more time it takes to get it recreated/converted to a usable format.

What all this means is that art creation times can vary greatly and it all takes time and a skilled artist.