Sublimation Dog Tag

Dye Sublimation Printing

We now offer dye sublimation printing!!!

So what is dye sublimation printing you ask? Well, there’s a bunch of science involved. Sublimation ink, or infusible ink, is printed on special paper. That paper is heat pressed on to a polyester or polymer coated item. The combination of heat, pressure, and time turns the ink into a gas. The gas attaches itself to the polymer and once it is cooled the image is a permanent part of the item. See, SCIENCE!!

We recently purchased all the stuff (printer, ink, paper, etc.) to print dye sublimated shirts, sweatshirts, patches, tumblers, metal signs, tags, socks, glass for photos, and a whole lot more!!. After a few weeks of practicing (if you follow us on our FaceBook @mrteesaugustaga or instagram @mrteesaugustaga pages you will have seen some of the pics) we are pretty sure we got this down!

What all this means is that we can print single shirts!! We can print full color!! We can print pictures on shirts!! There’s a catch though (isn’t there always). This process only works on polyester or high polyester blend garments. And they have to be light color garments since the sublimation printers can’t print white ink and they don’t make white ink for this process. We can print on darker garments, but the colors won’t be vivid. We have samples in the shop for everyone to see.

Images are vivid on white 100% polyester shirts and lose brightness the lower the polyester content in the garment and if the shirt color isn’t white. 

Different poly content and colors can make for some interesting effects though. Something that isn’t 100% poly can give a vintage look to the image. The less the poly, the more vintage it will look. Artwork that is a single dark color can be put on lighter color shirts and you won’t even miss the white print. A good use for this would be a tone on tone look. A light blue shirt with a navy print. Or black print on a coral shirt.

We are working on some more samples so keep an eye on our social media and you can see how the blend/color of the shirt can change the way something looks.

We recently got some dog tags and came up with a unique way to make sure you can be contacted if your furry friend gets away from you. In that blacked out space is a phone number (of course), but also social media contact info (since no one really answers their phone) and we added Jack’s mom’s pic so if he gets out everyone knows who little Jack belongs to!!

Kinda cool, right?