Pricing for Screen Printing

There are a lot of different things that go into the price of your screen printing order. Below is some of the information we will need to know.

1) The brand and style of the shirts you are wanting. The most popular is a Gildan Heavy Cotton. It comes in toddler all the way up to adult sizes. Keep in mind they do not make all of the adult colors in youth and toddler sizes. There are other brands and styles and the pricing will change based on what you are looking to get.

2) The number of print locations. Front and back, front only, back only, sleeve print, etc. The number of print locations increases the pricing. An order with front, back and both sleeves printed will up the cost per shirt by quite a bit.

3) The number of colors being printed in each location. The more print colors the more it adds to the cost of the shirt. We have to create a different screen for each color being printed and any ink other than white, black or navy may require a white under base so the ink color does not pick up the shirt color. A good example of this is if you have a blue shirt with yellow print. Without a white under base yellow and blue makes green and you print will look green.

4) The total number of shirts you are getting. We have a minimum of 12 per order. The more you get the less it is per shirt. There are several different price breaks, 12-23, 24-49, 50-74, 75-99, 100-149, 150-199, 200-249, 250-299, 300-499, 500-999 and 1000+. For each quantity break the price will drop a little bit per shirt. The highest priced quantity per shirt is 12-23.

5) The same size art and exact same art going across everything. Toddler shirts and the smaller youth shirts would be their own order and the bigger youth shirts and adult shirts would be their own order. We cannot fit the adult size print on the smaller shirts. This means we have to create a different set of screens for the different size print that will be required and each order is priced based on the total for the artwork that fits those shirts.

6) Vector art. Do you already have the art done in a usable vector format (something that was created in Adobe Illustrator)? We have to use vector art for screen printing. If we have to create/recreate/convert the art for you we charge an hourly rate to do that.

Do you know what brand/style/color shirt? About how many shirts? What color(s) are in the print for the front? Back? Do you already have the art? Or just a concept? When do you need the shirts?

We will be asking all of these questions when you reach out to us for a quote! If you don’t know for sure, that’s alright! We can give you some rough ideas on how much it may be based on some hypothetical situations. Your final pricing may differ, however, once we get all the details worked out. We will always give you some exact pricing long before we print anything for you so you will always know how much everything will be!!

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