Can We Remove Existing Embroidery On A Garment?

Lately we have been getting this question asked of us. Can we remove embroidery that is already on a garment? It can be done, but we do not offer that service for a few different reasons.

It is incredibly time consuming to remove existing embroidery. The type of stitching used can depend on the amount of time it takes to remove existing embroidery from an item. A satin stitch is easier to remove than a step stitch. It can take an hour or longer to remove a small left chest embroidery.

It’s going to leave a mark. If the new embroidery you are wanting to place in that spot doesn’t cover where the existing embroidery already was, you will see where the old embroidery was located. Embroidery machines punch holes in fabric when stitching. When the thread is removed, those holes stay and there’s no way to really fix it.

It can damage the garment. The scissors, razors, and needles used to remove existing embroidery can, and often does, damage the garment. Large holes can be put into the fabric by accident that will ruin the garment.

If you want to have new embroidery put on an old garment with existing embroidery, you will need to take care of removing the existing embroidery yourself and we will need to take a look at the garment after that is done before we can commit to sewing something new in it’s place. We don’t want to cause more damage to the garment by sewing over already weak fabric.

It will generally prove to be more cost effective and less time consuming to purchase a new garment and have the new embroidery put on it and we are more than happy to help you out with that process!!